May 5, 2020

The Disc Lab Effects is a software suite that adds advanced disc graphics to videos to help viewers connect with the content. Two different types of graphics are currently supported. A Flight Path graphics modules takes video of an actual disc golf throw and adds a colored line that tracks the flight path of the disc to provide viewers a visualization of how the disc flew. The Flight Vision module overlays simulated disc golf throws onto video to show viewers the available lines/throws, generally off the tee. The graphics (colors, effects) can be generated by The Disc Lab Effects or exported so that you can add your favorite effects in 3rd party software. Read on to see examples of the graphics in action.

Flight Path

The Flight Path module allows adding a trailing line to a disc throw to highlight the shape of the throw. This effect is similar to the current graphics being put out by leading disc golf production companies. The difference is that The Disc Lab Effects puts those high end graphics in the hands of anyone without requiring special technical expertise. Flight Path graphics can be created in 10 minutes or less while conventional methods require expensive software and up to an hour of time. The image below shows the user interface which provides access to all of the graphics options. The software also can overlay multiple flight paths on the same video. The video is a near-ace captured by True North Disc Golf with the Flight Path graphics.

Flight Vision

The Flight Vision module takes video and overlays realistic simulated disc flight paths. This graphics package is typically used to show possible lines off the tee. Words can only do so much to paint a picture of the ideal line. Why not show your viewers what you're saying? Flight Vision runs on The Disc Lab's collection of disc flight data and physics simulations. The image below shows the easy to use interface which lets you set the disc, distance, hyzer, and nose angle and the flight path is calculated to match. The video is an example of how the Flight Vision graphics can be integrated into tee shots. These shots are an Innova Firebird (red) and a Dynamic Discs Warden (green). Thanks to True North Disc Golf for supplying the footage.

Available Now

The Disc Lab is looking to get this software into the hands of creators throughout the sport. Contact us if this software sounds right for your audience and we can get you a copy of The Disc Lab Effects to start experimenting with.