June 21, 2019
Test Discs Are In!

The Disc Lab has purchased a first batch of discs for testing. To start out with, six manufacturers are included, Discmania, Discraft, Dynamic Discs, Innova, Latitude 64, and Westside. We will look at expanding to other manufacturers if there's interest. Feel free to reach out to us here if there are manufacturers or molds that you'd recommend we look at next. The selected molds are generally the more popular options from each manufacturer and cover a range of speeds and stabilities.

This first batch includes 147 different molds with two discs for each mold. We'll test two discs to control for the variability from disc to disc. We'd ideally test a half dozen or so discs per mold, but that would've greatly increased the cost of this first batch. The discs are generally in the most premium plastic available. Premium plastics are more popular overall, especially for drivers, and so the results should be more representative of what players see out of the discs they're buying. We'd like to do a study on the difference in stability due to different plastics at some point, but that wasn't the top priority for this first batch of discs. The next step is to catalog all of this discs, measure their dimensions, and go out and throw them. Be patient as this process is going to take months to complete. When this first batch is complete, we should have a more comprehensive set of disc data for the community to use. Wish us luck!

While all of the manufacturers were helpful in providing The Disc Lab with bulk rates on purchasing discs, a special thank you to Discmania for their enthusiasm in supporting the project with a set of free discs for testing.